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Learn how to bake and decorate lovely, sweet, and mouth-watering cakes from the comfort of your home and also make money while doing that.

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Facts About The cake baking industry

  • The baking industry generates over $30 billion in revenues each year, which represents 2.1% of the GDP in the United States. (American Bakers Association)

  • Decorated cakes make up the largest category in the U.S. industry, representing 26.3% of the market in 2017. Ice cream cakes captured a 5.7% share of category sales during the same time for the purpose of comparison. (Statista)

  • There are 6,000 retail bakeries and 3,000 commercial locations that produce goods for the cake-making industry each year. 55% of total revenues from the latter come from just three producers: Campbell Soup Company, Flowers Foods, and Grupo Bimbo. (San Francisco Chronicle)

  • The economic impact of baked goods that are produced and sold in the United States totals $423 billion, but profits are not necessarily high because of the rising costs of sugar, wheat, and vegetable oil that can swing by as much as 40% in a single year. (American Bakers Association)

  • The annual rate of growth for the frozen products sector in the cake-making industry is 1.4% even though changing consumer preferences are taking them away from frozen cheesecakes and pies. (IBIS World)

  • Small cakes took over the largest share of the UK market for the industry in 2012 with 139 million kilograms sold in 2012, which represents 44% of total sales. (Mintel)

  • 51% of consumers say that they’ve eaten at least one pre-packaged cake that was baked in a local store. While 47% noted that they have consumed at least one individual cake in the past year. (Mintel)

  • 20% of adults say that they prefer to make cakes at home instead of purchasing them at the store, this is an experience driven by the economic downturns in recent years. 75% of home bakers say that they enjoy the work of making a cake, with 41% saying that they also want to learn how to improve their skills in this area. (Mintel)

  • The global cake market size was valued at USD 42.94 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.3% from 2020 to 2027.

Why you should learn how to bake and decorate cake:

daba cake course
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Demand for bakery products is also increasing significantly across the globe as they are instant, accessible, and delicious food in this rapidly urbanizing and changing lifestyle.

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Demand for the bakery products is also increasing significantly across the globe as they are instant, accessible, and delicious food in this rapidly urbanizing and changing lifestyles.

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Online sales of cakes are significantly increasing in many parts of the world as it is very easy and convenient for the customers to place an order for the desired cakes

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Baking stimulates all your five senses. Eyes appreciate the creativity, ears love the thumping sound, tongue loves the taste, nose loves aroma and skin loves the feel of a baked item. When all your five senses are involved you feel exuberant.

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Baking is a great way to bring people together. When you bake at home, you can take care of everyone’s choice and taste. This is an indirect way to show your concern, care, and love for your family. Involve your kids when you bake and see them loving the moment of it.

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According to a survey done by The Telegraph, Baking is regarded as a great family bonding time, say 59 percent of Britons.

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According to a survey done by The Telegraph, Baking is regarded as great family bonding time, say 59 percent of Britons.

What you will learn in this course ?

Modules and practicals

Module 1


Module 2

How to Bake a Simple Plain Cake

Module 3

How to Bake Coconut Cake

Module 4

How to Bake Vanilla Cake

Module 5

How to Bake Fruit Cake

Module 6

How to Bake Chocolate Cake

Module 7

How to Bake Red Velvet Cake

Module 8

How to Bake Sponge cake

Module 9

How to Bake Marble Cake

Module 10

How to Make Butter Icing

Module 11

How to Make Butter Icing 2

Module 12

How to Make Royal Icing

At the end of this course you will be able to make the following cakes as seen in the picture below:



I will show you the exact strategy I used to generate more than 1 million Naira every month. (Valued #50,000)

Price of this course:

$343.5 NGN 233,580



chris ani

I was live at the recording of the whole process of cake baking and decoration from a to z, Mrs. emporium the facilitator of this course made me see cake baking and decoration so easy to learn and fun at the same time, the course opened my head to the big big money in the cake industry, this course is worth more than the price it is sold for, everyone should jump on this now and fast.

Chris Ani
Founder, Daba,School

Who this course is for?

>> If you are tired of just being a Housewife then this course is for you

>> If you just recently completed your NYSC Program, this is for you

>> Fresh out of the University? This is for you

>> You have a passion for Kitchen? This is for you

>> If you want to make money from the comfort of your home and any where in the world

>> You want to gain a skill in the Cake industry without going to a physical school


No experience or previous qualifications are required for this course. It is available to people of all ages and abilities. The only thing we ask is to be ready to study, learn and put to practice what you are going to learn.


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Meet Your Teacher!

Blessing Umeh who is also known as Mrs. Emporium is a teacher, businesswoman, and a mother of two kids.

She is the CEO of Emporium Pastries, a company based in Port Harcourt that has been in operations for over 4 years and rakes in tens of millions in revenue yearly.

She has a passion for empowering young ladies with skills for transformation and financial liberation.

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